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Changing the Attorney Client Relationship

At Brooks | Legal, we’re revolutionizing the attorney-client relationship. We understand that situations arise which don’t fit neatly into any specific category. It may not be an issue worth litigating… but it’s also costing you quite a bit of money. Perhaps it’s not technically a family law issue… but it seems close. You’re not sure what someone or some organization did wrong… but you know they did something wrong. We never charge for consultations, because we want to encourage you to chat with our firm and figure out if we can help you with a claim. Problem solving is our passion, and your problems; whether novel or common, are what wake us up in the morning. If your problem isn’t worth litigating, we’ll explain why, and let you know what to look out for in the future. Our firm is driven by our client’s needs; not our bottom lines.

If we do decide to take on your case, we will always keep you informed about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how it will benefit you.  We come along beside you, and fight alongside you every step of the way.

If you partner with us, you can put your mind at ease. Our commitment to our clients has quickly become our firm’s defining characteristic.

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Tanner's Bio

Tanner Brooks, founding member of Brooks Legal, graduated magna cum laude from Indiana Wesleyan University in December of 2012.  A native of Indiana, Tanner grew up with the midwestern mentality of hard work, dedication, and loyalty. In 2016, Tanner graduated from Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law.  At Maurer, he competed in the prestigious Sherman Minton Moot Court competition, and was an Associate on the nationally-ranked flagship journal; the Indiana Law Journal (“ILJ”).  While in law school, Tanner interned for multiple private defense contracting corporations in the District of Columbia. In addition, he interned for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan located in Detroit, Michigan.  These experiences and others have provided Tanner with experience working in both the judicial and legislative branches of state and federal government.

About Brooks Legal

Your time is precious. So is your money. At Brooks Legal, we work hard to not waste either.

Our team listens to your concerns, analyzes the problems, and partners with you to fix the issues swiftly and accurately. Legal concerns create consequential issues that require audacious responses.  Don’t fight solo.

From estates and trusts to business creation and entity selection, Brooks Legal has the resources and experience to guide you through even the most complex legal issues in today’s ever-changing world. We’re an experienced partner, not just a necessary purchase.

Business Issues:

Once you have your entity off the ground, Brooks Legal assists business owners and investors in accomplishing their vocational goals.  The business world is unforgiving, and having a firm with the skills to navigate this world can be invaluable.  Knowing the balance between risks and rewards is something that Brooks Legal strives to attain.  By alerting business managers to both hidden and present legal dangers, you can be certain your entity is on a solid foundation.  Allow us to advise you in this area, and you can be sure our creativity and solutions will keep your entity secure, and your attention undistracted.  This allows you to focus on the one thing that truly matters; growing your business.

Real Estate:

Real estate issues are becoming more present in this interconnected society. From landlord/tenant issues in small rental homes to complex commercial foreclosures between multiple entities, Brooks Legal has the resources to resolve the issues quickly and efficiently.

By balancing listening and leading, property issues become no issue at all. Brooks Legal also has the ability to represent property owners or other entities in eminent domain actions. Whether we’re researching for you in the transactional field, or representing you in the litigation field, Brooks Legal will guide in this complex environment.


Starting a business is stressful enough without worrying about legal safeguards and best practices.  Brooks Legal streamlines your entity creation process, by providing set legal packages, we keep you within budget and on a timeline.  The days of endless billing and perpetual extensions have been replaced by a respect for your time and money. We want to get your business up and running as soon as possible because we realize that your business is your livelihood.  In addition to our set entity packages, we also have the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances and adjust accordingly.  When things fail to go according to plan, we’ll still be present to advise and react.

Trusts and Estates:

Brooks Legal provides personalized service when dealing with gifts, wills, trusts, estates, and other cross-generational and inter-generational transfers. This also includes a professional approach to the associated taxation issues. By foreseeing and planning the financial structure of our clients, we have the ability to advise in all facets of the process. Together, Brooks Legal will deal professionally with wealth preservation and transfers, all the while keeping our approach client-centered. By providing instructions and forms tailored to each individual client, we make sure that you understand each step of the process.